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Preventative Maintenance

What is preventative maintenance, or, PM?  PM is the procedure that is done on vehicles that allow problems to be detected before that problem causes a breakdown. This is very important to your business, because if your truck goes down you not only lose money by not getting your product out, but you lose money because the breakdown that occurred will, in most cases, cost more to repair then had you kept up with your PM’s and found the root cause before the breakdown.

To do a thorough PM on a medium duty truck takes a minimum of 3.5 hours. Heavy duty trucks can take up to 5 hours to perform. In most cases the first reaction to these hours is “that’s a lot of time and money”. Let’s ask the question: What cost less in dollars, a PM that could cost $350.00 on a Medium duty, or an engine job that could cost as much as $12,000.00 to $15,000.00?  The answer is obvious. This of course doesn’t even include the cost of renting a truck for at least a week while yours is being repaired and loss of business.

Okay. How would a PM program have prevented this costly engine job form happening?  Efficiency has developed, over the years, a procedure or check list if you may. This list encompasses draining and replacement of all fluids and then sending these fluids out to be analyzed by an oil company. These results are reviewed to determine if there is any contamination of any sort in the sample. Depending on the contaminate, this will tell if a problem is on the horizon or not. However if you are letting Efficiency do your PM’s you should get the maximum life out of your equipment because we are changing fluids at the OEM’s recommended intervals with the proper type of fluids.

It is not just the fluids that are addressed at PM’s but a long list of items to include the electrical system, brake system, steering systems, tires and suspension etc… All of these things add up to less down time and more up time, which in turn means more return to your bottom line.

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