Efficiency Enterprises has been
   serving the transportation
   needs of our customers for over
   thirty years.

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  We are a family owned business
    which means we will focus on 
    your needs from a personal
    level.  You're not just a number
    with Efficiency.

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  We offer extremely competitive
    Lease Rates and competitive
    Parts and Labor pricing for
    Service and Repairs.

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Full Service Lease

Why should I consider a Full Maintenance Lease? There are many reasons why one should consider Full Maintenance Leasing:

1) A lease does not usually require a down payment and a lease finances only the value of the equipment that is expected to be depleted during the lease term.

2) The leased equipment is usually all that is needed to secure a lease transaction.

3) A lease requires only a lease payment at the beginning of the first payment period, which is usually much less then the down payment.

4) The end user transfers all risk of obsolescence to the lessor as there is no obligation to own equipment at the end of the lease.

5) When leases are structured as true leases, the end user may claim the entire lease payment as a tax deduction. The equipment write-off is tied to the leases term, which can be shorter than the IRS depreciation schedules, resulting in larger tax deductions each year. The deduction is also the same every year, which simplifies budgeting (equipment financed with a conditional sale lease is treated the same as owned equipment).

6) Leased assets are expensed when the lease is an operating lease. Such assets do not appear on the balance sheet, which can improve financial ratios.

7) More of the cash flow, especially the option to purchase the equipment, occurs later in the term when inflation makes dollars cheaper.

8) The skill of a Full Maintenance Leasing Company in maintenance and repairs takes the daily worry of “are my trucks ready to go today” out of the daily operation of your business because your trucks are always ready to go.

9) The amount of time that you spend on running your fleet becomes freed upped because we run your fleet for you. You can now spend 100% of your time to running your business and increasing your profits not worrying about your trucks.

These are the best reasons for Full maintenance leasing. Let the professionals at Efficiency be your Fleet Manager and you can run your business!